An afternoon in Chateau de la Rivière in Fronsac.

This November, we have the chance of still having beautiful sunny days. Ideal conditions for a visit off the beaten track of the Bordeaux region and take a tour in the Fronsac appellation. After a little hours drive, we arrive in front of this chateau situated on top of a hill with vines and forest.

After having passed a beautiful gate, we drive up through the autumn coloured forest to the chateau which is slightly hidden by the cliffs and vegetation. From the moment of our arrival we are offered an idyllic panorama. There is a magnificent view on the vines of the property and the Dordogne River.

We begin our visit with the history of the chateau dating back to the period of Charles the Great. The Chateau de la Rivière has since the Middle Ages had many different owners. Mrs. Lau from Hong Kong who owns the chateau today. She also owns a Chinese company, Bolian, specialised in prestigious Pu’Er teas as well as luxury hotels.

The buildings have evolved through time with towers, side-buildings and renovations. For example you find the style of Viollet le Duc inside the chateau (as on the chimneys of the living rooms) and on the facade with elements reminding the Middle Ages.

Then we discover, to our great enchantment, the underground cellars of the chateau. Apart from the fact that they cover a very large area (8 hectares, 25 km of underground corridors) their interior installation is just stunning. The visit of the cellars of Chateau de la Rivière is different from other chateaux in the way that they will concentrate little on the elaboration of the wine and more on the historical elements and beauty of the site.

In Chateau de la Rivière you will be able to taste the red, rosé and white wines of the property, as well as some Pu’Er teas of the owner.

Thanks to their unusual cellars, Chateau de la Rivière has created an Escape Game, perfect for a group friends or as part of a team building.