Enter your favourite chateaux

and taste the wonderful wines from Bordeaux

to the best chateaux in bordeaux

Mathilde Pfeiffer opens the doors

Discover Bordeaux through the wine

with visits and tastings at the chateau

Discover the vineyards' stories

through their grapes and terroirs

Live your wine tour as a real holiday

sea-side, world heritage, gastronomy, sport, relaxation…

Experience a Unique Wine Tour in Your Own Group

From the most famous Grand Cru Classé to the smallest chateau,
for beginners as for professionals,
experience your completely bespoke wine tour to discover Bordeaux and the wines

Tour Length

Your Own


French, English,
German, Danish

Just Winetour
or Whole Stay


Just Winetour
or Whole Stay

Your Own

French, English,
German, Danish

Bordeaux, City of Wine

Bordeaux is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage and was elected Best City to visit by the Lonely Planet guide.

Bordeaux and the entire region is a fantastic place indeed for an interesting trip and a wonderful holiday. In Bordeaux you can taste good wines, visit chateaux, discover historical and cultural sites, go to the beach…

Adapted to your tastes and needs, I will organise your completely tailor made wine tour and unique stay so that you may discover this fabulous region in the very best way.

The Wine Road

On Tour with Mathilde Pfeiffer

As part of one of the oldest still active wine families in Bordeaux, I have grown up in the world of wine since my earliest childhood. Very early I developed a great passion for the universe of wine and will be very happy to guide you on your wine tour.

Together with my family, we own several Grand Crus Classés, Cru Bourgeois, small chateaux and wine trade companies (negociants) around Bordeaux.

Luckily I have travelled and lived in many different places around the World. Through this international influence, a wish has grown to share my passion with people from all cultures in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

I speak fluent English, Danish, German and French, thanks to my family and friends in many countries. The chateaux in Bordeaux may be visited with me in those four languages.

The wine tours I conceive are unique, completely personalised and tailor-made to your taste and why not also to your dreams.

From Visit to Tasting

Visit your favourite chateau during your wine tour.

Explore how and where the wine is created while you are on a tour in the vineyards and chateaux and meet the winemaker, the owner and the cellar master to exchange your experiences.

At each visit, you will be able to taste on-site: vintage wine from a bottle or directly from the barrel.

You have the possibility to take part in a workshop with a theme of your interest (as for example “the influence of wooden barrels on the wine”, “blending the grape varieties”, harmony between food and wine” etc.)

If you wish, you can also visit a cooperage, to see how they produce the wooden barrels, or you can visit a négociant (wine trading company) in order to understand the unique trading system of the Bordeaux wines.

First and foremost : enjoy a unique wine tour where you decide the rythm of your day.

Private Courses and Workshops

During your wine tour, you can take the opportunity to enhance your knowledge about wine and the Bordeaux region with a small presentation or private class with Mathilde. Whether it is an explanation about the wine-growing area, the grape varieties, the wine trade, or any other theme, which might interest you, it will always be done in an informal and fun way.

We can also arrange a wine tasting with a theme of your choice.

My presentations and courses are, just like all my other services, completely tailor-made to your wishes and your knowledge. If you wish, you may also decide the place, time and theme.

A Fabulous Region

Wonderful Memories